Who we are

We are a group of Beirutis monitoring the increasingly corrupt world from Beirut, Lebanon. Our focus is on Lebanon in particular (as it’s certainly one of the most corrupt “countries” in the world), but also on the Middle East in general.

Beirut Monitor’s philosophy is one that considers all events in the Muslim world to be of its concern.

We have chosen anonymous names as to avoid any direct confrontation with the wannabe-Syrian regime we now have in Lebanon. (Freedom of speech used to exist in Lebanon and it was by far much better than any country in the Arab world. We now see however increasing evidence that this is no longer the case. Several individuals are being prosecuted with no reason whatsoever.)


Beirut Monitor (BM) is an open source blog. Anyone with an idea criticizing the current situation in the Arab world is welcome to apply. You can email us and we promise to carefully consider your article and reply within a day.

Why Beirut Monitor?

Beirut Monitor was born when its editors and contributors all saw a lack of actual criticism of the Lebanese regime (political system and government). In parallel, we also saw that the current dictatorships all over the Middle East are not getting the criticism and objection they deserve.

In particular, Beirut Monitor would focus on prevalent social, economic and political issues.

Partial and Biased

Beirut Monitor is not impartial. We are a blog after all, not a news agency (although all media agencies have agendas). BM has firm beliefs that all rulers in the Arab world are not only fabulously corrupt and immoral, but also loyal servants to foreign agendas. We will make sure this becomes clear to everyone.

This in no way means that we are not prone to mistakes. As this is a humble effort by humble people, we are prone to linguistic, editorial, and all sorts of mistakes.