Qatar and the Intra-Gulf Crisis. 

Summary: This thread will document everything that has happened and is happening with regards to the Qatar crisis and the intra-gulf rift. It will serve as a history page whereby events are documented.

June 5

On the morning of June 5th 2017, I woke up to bombarding news that Saudi Arabia would cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. Seconds afterwards followed Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE. Hours later, states who felt they should be concerned, took decisions as well, with the Maldives – yes, the Maldives – even deciding to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, along with Yemen and maybe others who no one really cares about.

All four states, with no exception, justified there move by saying that Qatar has ties to Iran. No reason could have been more stupid. Even then, people believed and went along. Many others didn’t of course, and this created a huge mess on social media accounts, with the fact that the UAE has extremely strong business ties with Iran being shared. This is why Jubair had to come out the next day and justify the real reason. Real reason was Hamas as expected. Yup, believe it or not, in 2017, Riyadh wants Qatar to cut ties with Hamas and join the anti-Islam anti-Gaza pro-Israel pro-US crusade on Muslims in Gaza. 

What’s significant here is Saudi Arabia. Egypt’s Sisi has always been at odds with Qatar, and the UAE is a major competitor to Qatar and has always has different regional opinions.

June 6

Hamas: Terrorists or Else

On June 6th 2017,  Jubair made it clear that he just wants Qatar to join the Anti-Palestine pact and label the only people defending Palestine as terrorists.

What Saudi really wants is to be friends with Israel. Hamas is standing in between. And Trump taught the puppets ruling Saudi that Hamas is a terrorist organization (in front of 55 leaders of the Muslims world on May 21st, Riyadh). Everyone seems to have agreed. Well, almost.

Qatar didn’t agree. Qatar even raised the Palestinian flag as a symbol of protest. 

With regards to Israel, Netanyahu mentioned that there is no need for a coalition between KSA and Israel, as it already exists. (Add Reference).

Qatar and the Gulf Historically

Qatar was historically a part of today’s so-called Saudi Arabia. All gulf states were created by the Brits. (Britain actually drew the borders for most of today’s nations and in effect, shaped the world we know today). The Brits yesterday, and today the Americans, admire this multi-state in one ex-state fact and want the rulers of these individual countries to compete, forever. They want to maintain a sort of balance whereby wars between these brothers can easily irrupt, after tensions build up from everyone trying to have more power and a larger say in ME politics.
June 8sh

The European block joins and stands with Qatar. 

June 9

Terrorist list with 59 names and 12 institutions, among them charity who work with the UN.

Anyone who tweets in support of Qatar faces 3 to 5 years in prison and a 15 Million Royal bla. 

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