Most Disgraceful Deal of the Century

Summary: The Muslim world has never seen a more disgraceful deal unfolding in front of its eyes. Add to that Hamas (the defender of the third Holy shrine and the main party protecting 2 million Muslims in Gaza and calling for the liberation of occupied Palestine) was labeled a terrorist organization in front of all our countries’ leaders. As important is the unfolding fact that the Muslim world is being bankrupt by its very own leaders, with hundreds of billions of dollars being wired to the United States.

Key points

  • On 20 May 2017, Trump signed a $110 Billion deal with KSA.
  • They made him stay in King Abdulaziz’s own palace.
  • Trump has a lengthy history of anti-Islam speech.

On Sunday May 21st, he gave a lengthy speech to 55 Arab and Muslim leaders (leaders of more than 1.5 Billion Muslims) who attended and listened carefully to what he’d lecture them. 

Trump to Jerusalem

On May 22nd, Trump takes a direct flight from Riyadh (the capital of the country whose legitimacy rests on protecting the serving the two holy shrines: Mecca and Medina) to Tel Aviv (the current capital of the country who annexed the third holy shrine: Jerusalem).



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