Beirut Monitor Condemns Egypt’s Twin Church Attacks

Summary: Beirut Monitor condemns the church bombings, and reminds everyone that Syria’s chemical attacks (and other conventional killing methods) are much much more horrific, deadly, and frequent.

On the morning of Sunday April 9th 2017, two churches in Egypt were suicide bombed, killing an estimated 44 civilians (christian worshipers). The first church was in Tanta while the other was in beautiful Alexandria.

Self-proclaimed ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack. It should be reminded and reinforced (as a matter of duty and not to gain Christian sympathy) that attacking places of worship is highly forbidden and condemned in Islam (more on that later).

Bloody Sisi declares State of Emergency

Sisi declared a 3-month state of emergency in Egypt. Notice how no one in the world questioned this order (whereas in Turkey, after a failed militarily coup, the west flooded Erdogan with accusations of dictatorship/freedom right impeachment after declaring a state of emergency). No state of emergency was in place as of now, yet Sisi seems to have managed to prosecute tens of thousands of Egyptians, so I wonder what will the case be now.

Attacks to Divert Attention from Syria

I believe the attacks came on time to divert the entire world from the recent daily massacres against the Muslims in Syria. I will in turn wait and portray how the International community reacts to these bombings.

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