Khan Shaykoun and Mounting International Hypocrisy

Summary: Syrians are being massacred with weapons of mass destruction. The US sends warnings and the Arabian puppets are playing dead. 

Khan Shaykoun is a small town located in southern Idlib (which in turn is in north of Syria). It has a small population of roughly 50,000. As of the beginning of the Syrian revolution, it has been targeted frequently by the blood-thirsty regime and then Russia. It’s strategic location (on the highway linking northern Syria to its south) makes it important to have hold of.

On April 4th 2017 at 7.30 am local time, pro-Asad military jets bombed the small town with Sarin gas chemical weapons. Sarin gas is a deadly nerve agent (i.e. when inhaled, it will get straight to the nerves, causing death by disrupting the respiratory system).

My focus in this page will be on the aftermath of the attack and the reaction of the international ‘community’. However, here are a few links on the attack itself:

I will further edit and write on this section after my exams. In the meantime, I would like to closely follow the international dealing with the recent massacre.

International Hypocrisy like never before

The US Ambassador to the United Nations is apparently trained to lie like a professional (as most US diplomats evidently are). Flashing pictures of babies dead in the Khan Shaykoun attack, Nikki Haley stressed that the attack was ‘inhumanitiran’ and unacceptable. I can prove for a fact that similar situations occur every single DAY in Syria. Children, women die in Syria everyday, so what has changed? Why is it that Bashar gets the blame right now?

Along with hundreds of BS lies in a few minutes, one of the starking lies debunked on the same day was, “Our military destroyed the airfield from which this week’s chemical strike took place”. Read below for how the airfield is still in great shape.

The international community was undoubtedly shocked when media emerged of people chocking to death in Khan-Shaykoun. They thought they did their job at explaining to Asad that chemical weapons is not on his catalog of kill tools. Most notably, and as you would expect, the Israelis were the ones shocked the most. Although almost certain that Asad would not target Israel (more on that later), the Israelis have allergy to chemical weapons. they don’t want to see them around, not in Syria or anywhere in the middle east. Chemical weapons are very effective at killing a large number of people with relatively zero damage (i.e. you can kick out a population without any damage to the existing infrastructure).

Rex Tillerson, the US Secratary of State acknowledged that Bashar still has chemical weapons and that the recent strikes were just a warning.

Arabian Hypocrisy

All Arab states (no exceptions here) were as deaf as they’ve been for the last 7 years. Apparently, only after the US hit the button on these Toma-Hawks that the Arabian Puppet-leader thought it would make sense to yell, “Yes. thank you America. Great Job. We are with you”. Just as a small child would attempt to repeat what his father just said, rulers of the Middle East did nothing more than walk in the footsteps of the US. Not even that. Typically, a child would walk in his fathers steps, talk and talk and walk the walk (i.e. take action), the puppets haven’t reached this pre-puberty stage yet.

Here are a few of their responses and their timings

The Shaa’yrat Airbase Still Intact

Wondering how LARGE the damage is? The airbase targeted is in fact in great shape: Great enough for still-existing and undamaged jets to take off and land. Yup, the jets on the airbase still their.

Where did the 59 Toma-Hawks land?

In plain ground, in the pavement itself, planes can still maneuver easily.

I was writing this on April 7th when on the next day I woke up to a flood of news articles on how Shaa’yrat airbase is functional. Not only is it functional, but actual military jets have taken off again.

What’s on the catalog

Pro-Asad forces and allies are testing these world (perhaps the United States in particular) on what are their killing tools and options. Here are a few of the tools on the catalog that have proven to be acceptable:

1. Napalm chemical weapons:
Not all chemical weapons are prohibited. Russians allegedly targeted rural Idlib and rural Hamma with Napalm just a few hours after the US targeted the airbase.

As of April 4th, more than 4 Napalm attacks have been documented. 


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