Kadanian: Please go back to Armenia

On Friday 31st of March 2017, the unshy hardline rasict Acadia Kadanian – made Lebanon’s minister of tourism for some stupid reason – openly stated that Turks are unwelcome in Lebanon.

To begin with, from a pure economics standpoint, and for whatsoever reason, a minister of tourism of any country heavily (if not only) dependent on tourism to survive cannot openly call to bar out 80 Million potential tourists from a nearby (only 1 hour away) country. This is straight stupidity.

We all know that Kadanian and his friends in Tashnag curse Turkey day and night, and they can do so till the end of time: just not in public Kadanian.

Turkey has established a visa-free regime in early 2010 between Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Lebanese were then granted visa-feee travel to Turkey and starting flocking Turkey (around 200,000 Lebanese tourists in 2016 alone). Turks were in turn granted visa-free access to Lebanon. Our foreign minister obviously hates this fact. That’s why in order to reverse the deal, Lebanon recently imposed visas on Turks arriving to Lebanon (albeit ones obtained at the airport). Lebanese citizens though, still enjoy visa-free travel to Turkey.

When asked whether Kadanian would prefer Lebanon over Armenia, Kadanian’s answer was straightforward and it was thankfully Armenia. Armenia is today an established country, so why wouldn’t you just go back there Kadanian? It’s certainly very nice to hear that answer. At least we know that one day racists like Kadanian would get the hell out of our tolerant country.

A message to the world and Turks in particular: KADANIAN DOES NOT REPRESENT US. He himself is unwelcome in our country and we wish he would just get out. He is causing a lot of hatred already.

So in conclusion, NO Kadanian, Turks are welcome in Lebanon. And YES Kadanian, go back to Armenia.


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