Jubran Bassil: Foreign Minister of what exactly?

Jubran Bassil doesn’t seem to understand and/or acknowledge that Lebanon is made up of MORE THAN Christians. Although clearly given a very important chair in the cabinet (the most important actually), Jubran still seems to think that this chair is in the Maronite church.


OR it’s possible that Jubran still thinks Lebanon is only Mount Lebanon. You see, Lebanon as we know it today didn’t exist just few decades ago. The French created Lebanon out of Mount Lebanon. Mount Lebanon referred to the area where Christians were predominant (Although Druze were significant there as well). Jubran still thinks he lives there. Even worse, he thinks he’s this mountain’s foreign minister (FM).

Pondering upon all these pieces of trash (just trash, nothing more, right) in power in Lebanon, one cannot but imagine why wars erupt in the first place. Wars erupt because hard-line sectarians like Jubran are in power. Not only in power, but in real power: power to tell the world that Lebanon is a Christian country.

By sideling and completely neglecting the predominant other religious sects in Lebanon, it is only people like Jubran who polarize the Lebanese society. By completely ignoring the Lebanese social fabric, Jubran is .

Whether Jubran is the Maronite Church’s FM or Mount Mount Lebanon’s FM, he certainly doesn’t seem to understand how religiously diverse Lebanon (his friends’ creation) has become.

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