Le Pen – the fascist candidate for France’s presidency – is ugly, disgusting, racist, anti-Islam, and certainly NOT WELCOME IN LEBANON.

On February 21 2017, Le Pen stormed the highest Muslim authority in Lebanon. Scheduled to meet with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti, Le Pen only came to storm the entire Dar Al Fatwa, make a fascist public statement, and leave. Having already been notified by the Grand Mufti’s office of the Dar’s dress code, Le Pen is clearly keen creating a rift between Muslims and Christians by showing the world how unwelcoming Muslims are, and how welcoming her Christian friends were.

Le Pen’s visit to Lebanon is really fishy. What brings her to Lebanon in the first place? Why would she want to meet the current Lebanese President? She isn’t the president of France YET. Some analysts say that she is there to meet representatives of the butcher Syrian regime (Le Pen openly supported Bashar Al Asad). This makes a lot of sense especially if we know that Le Pen has openly supported Al Jehesh (whose grandfather changed his family name to Al Asad).





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